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"You just can't afford to be unhealthy. It is NEGLECT that's expensive" ~ Joanne Sargent, Health Coach, RN

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We are a creative, energetic team ready to assist any employer on the road to a healthier workplace. Contact us now for a healthy conversation!

Choose Health by Sargent & Associates is a recognized leader in the health and wellness industry. Choose Health launched in 2008, expanding on the Safety and Risk Management services that Sargent & Associates has offered since our inception in 1997. As an Occupational Health Nurse, our President, Joanne Sargent, RN became an advocate for injured workers and a liaison to their employers. She recognized that health and wellness programs designed to reduce behavioral risk factors measurably reduced workers compensation claims and absenteeism while simultaneously improving productivity.

As the winner of the Boston Business Journal 2014 Healthiest Small Company Award, health and wellness is at the core of the Sargent and Associates culture. Our mission is to promote optimal health through education, behavior change strategies and the development of supportive, healthy workplaces. The Choose Health Team stays on top of current trends through our professional certifications and memberships in organizations including Worksite Wellness Council of MA and the New England Employee Benefits Council.

Our Health Coaches provide support, education and motivation that positively impact the individuals we serve and the companies in which they work. Our team has helped many employers to implement successful health and wellness programs and is experienced in designing these programs with federal and state regulations in mind. Sargent and Associates has received the maximum allowable tax credit in the State of MA and we can assist other small employers in MA to do the same.

Choose Health by Sargent and Associates offers a robust, comprehensive service package with the flexibility to customize programs according to your distinct organizational needs. We employ a multi-faceted approach that achieves maximum results. Targeted activities such as wellness challenges, lunch and learns, biometric screenings, health coaching, and health fairs bring your staff together with a purpose in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our direct health coaching services can be delivered through a wide array of telephonic, on-site and web-based options.

7 Benchmarks of Success

WELCOA developed its patented Well Workplace process and identified seven key benchmarks of success. These seven benchmarks are inherent in the Choose Health results-oriented workplace wellness programs:

  • #1 - Capturing CEO Support

    From our experience, CEO support is essential to the process of developing best-in-class programs. We know of very few programs that have contained costs and improved employee health that don’t have strong senior level support.

    #2 - Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams

    Wellness Teams are essential to building great wellness programs because they help to distribute the responsibility for wellness throughout the organization.

    #3 - Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts

    The team's first and primary responsibility is to gather important data that reveals the specific areas of health needs and interests within the organization.. The data will be collected using corporate culture audits, health risk appraisals, and knowledge and interest surveys.

    #4 - Carefully Crafting An Operating Plan

    An operating plan for health and wellness within the organization serves as the roadmap and will guide the company's efforts and investments in workplace wellness.

    #5 - Choosing Appropriate Interventions

    Choosing and implementing the appropriate health and productivity interventions such as tobacco cessation, physical activity, weight management, self-care, stress management, as well as things like fatigue management and ergonomics. The interventions will depend on what the company's data reveals.

    #6 - Creating a Supportive Environment

    By having a supportive environment, organizations can be confident that employees will be supported in their efforts to lead healthier lives. Environmental interventions may take the form of policies, physical modifications, and rewards and incentives.

    #7 - Carefully Evaluating Outcomes

    Within this benchmark, companies will religiously keep score when it comes to their wellness program. Evaluation targets include things like participation, participant satisfaction, behavior modification, and cost containment.

Health Coaching Testimonials

"Thank you for your support and helpful tips over the last few months. You helped me stay on track and provided really helpful tips. I look forward to working with you in the future."

“I enjoy your emails and greatly appreciate your guidance and support. If it wasn't for your ongoing ideas and gentle pushing, I probably wouldn't have looked for new ways to push my limits, so I'd say you pulled me to the goal I set, when we began in May, your mission is accomplished, *:) At this point I'm fully committed to stick to the routine and even if I swap the walk days to spread them through the week move evenly, I'll maintain the level of exercise for sure.”


"Emotionally, I was not doing too well. But, since heading towards this new lifestyle change, I've been feeling a bit more confident. I know I am capable of so much, now. And I'm going to finally become the healthy person I want to be. I really appreciate all of your advice and support. It has been nothing but encouragement for me on this journey!"


"With all that my health coach, Joanne Sargent, did for me during my intense time of need, what stands out as the most significant is the way in which she dispensed information and care. She was one of the most hopeful and positive influences in my life at a time marked by fear, uncertainty and confusion. She is a remarkable, compassionate person and skilled professional. I will forever be grateful that Joanne and her firm’s services were there in my time of need."


"I've learned that I can make a commitment to healthier eating and make overall healthier choices and I can stick with it! I am off of wheat (I have a true allergy to wheat) AND sugar and I feel so much better. I'm not waking up with a stuffy nose in the mornings and I don't feel so tired. I was at a point where I could hardly drag myself in to work everyday. The pain from my fibromyalgia was pretty constant but with the changes in my diet, the pain is much less than it has been, or maybe I can deal with the pain better. Whichever it is, I am on to something, that's for sure! I love your encouraging e-mails and suggestions. They have been so helpful and uplifting, you just can't imagine. I WILL get this weight off and I WILL be healthy!!"