Choose Health TV Shows

Hosted by Joanne Sargent, RN

Joanne Sargent, RN and owner of Choose Health by Sargent and Associates, hosts a monthly TV series on Chelmsford, MA Television for people living with various health issues. Joanne creates a very personal, and informative environment on the show. Enjoy!
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Mental Health

AdCare - Addiction and the Opioid Crisis in America 2017
Guest: Daniel O'Connor

Operation Delta Dog

Guest: Trisha Blanchet

Empower Employees from Within
Guest: Richard Geller, Melissa Bodi, Cynthia Causbie

Enhance Mental Clarity, Memory & Mood
Guest: Thomas B. Shea, PhD

Physical Health

Professional Geriatric Care Management
Guests: Jennifer Pilz, MSPT

Improving Health Enriching Lives
Guests: Jenny Chiang, MD; Gloria Burdett; Vanessa Wright; Johann Hepner

Innovation in Healthcare by Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Lowell

Guests: Rachel Chaddock, Kim Santos, Edward Cossette

The Flu and You
Guest: Sue Rosa

Weight Loss / Bariatric Surgery
Guest: Denise Woodard

Look and Feel Better in the Buff
Guest: Nancy C. Donahue

Your Health Compass
Guest: Helen Fu, Nutritionist and Chinese Herbalist

The Eyes Have It
Guest: James Kim, MD

Common Shoulder Problems
Guest: Alan S. Curtis, MD

Healthy Heroes
Guest: George Sherrill, Police Chief, Holden MA

Lowell General Hospital Cancer Center
Guest: Matthew Katz, MD

Emotional Health

Valuable Advantages of Home Care
Guest: Malia Samuelson, RN, BSN Clinical Liaison Nurse
Isdori Lyamuya, owner & president of the "Prestige HCS"

Bully Beat Down

Guest: Pete & Jane Harris

Choosing Happiness
Guest: Todd Patkin, author of "Finding Happiness"

TLC for Mind, Body and Spirit
Guest: Gale Lyman, RN